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Esther Zither

Esther Ziher is best known for her iconic animal characters with big round eyes, mirror of the soul. Through those googly eyes, people are let into an alternative reality of happiness and mindfulness to the beauty of life. 

Her light-hearted, colourful style is in contrast with today’s society, dominated by the negative news we read about on a daily basis, an ongoing global pandemic and social media obsession. With her bright and cheerful characters, Esther wants to shift people’s attention back to what matters most in life: family, friendship, love.

She paints with acrylic on canvas and uses ink, ink spray, charcoal and oil pastels. Her works have been widely exhibited in galleries and art fairs around the world, including Taipei, Shanghai, Perth, London, Philadelphia, to name but a few. Featured in art catalogues and magazines like Vogue Taiwan, The Press England and Navenant Netherlands, her art keeps getting recognition around the world.

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