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Dexem x Murakami

In collaboration with the Murakami Brothers, Dexem is delighted to introduce the 
2022 Espresso Cup Collection in five different patterns.

Espresso cups by Murakami are synonymous with perfection: the handle is easy to grip and hold for a hand in all sizes; the thickness and shape are consistent and compact to ensure sturdiness and durability; the bottom of the cup fits firmly into the indentation of the saucer; the upper edge of the cup is slightly rounded to increase resistance and thin enough to smoothly match the lips.

The unique feature is the pattern: recalling Japanese traditional culture and delicate sensitivity towards the changing of seasons, each design sinks its roots in ancient layers of history, touching on myths, traditions and contemporary society. 

Five Patterns

Plovers In The Waves


Cranes Above The Waves


Cherry Blossoms In The Moonlight

image1 (1).jpeg

      Fish In The Seaweed


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