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Collection 2022

About Dexem

Dexem owes its name to the latin word for “ten” (dechem), while the “x” has a double meaning: it is “ten” in roman numerals and it is borrowed from the word at the core of our concept: “luxury”.

We support the production of ten hand-made ceramic creations from several carefully curated Japanese master artisans.

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Japanese porcelain tradition

Our selected Arita artisans use production processes that have been perfected over several generations, as carefully guarded techniques are passed down as precious family secrets. The result, unique, hand-made creations that can never be replicated, as each master artisan molds materials into a single creation bound to a particular point in the artist’s artistic journey. The skill in their hands and the knowledge of their craft combine the elements of earth into a work of art: an espresso cup. 

Traditional Arita artisans are new to coffee-centric ceramics, as the majority are still tied to the long-established tea tradition. Coffee is growing fast in Japan, and is a major market in the world. While producers, targeting the mass market, are already producing lower quality ceramics in bulk in Arita, Dexem targets the high-end, hand-made luxury market.

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There is an opportunity to create the perfect cup for each coffee consuming experience. Where each cup is carefully crafted with consideration to all the senses involved in the experience: touch: the feel in the hand and on the lips; smell: aroma of coffee emitting from the cup; taste: temperature of the liquid; vision: the aesthetics of the cup, outside and inside.

Creating the perfect cup for the espresso drinking experience was made possible by combining the following two factors: 

- Coordination on the vision and goal-setting elements to make the perfect espresso cup, and 

- Collaboration with the master Arita artisans, with their unique production process.

The Result: Dexem 2022 Espresso Cup Collection - Arita, Japan Edition.


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